WarBirds - Canvas Falcons - Flight Operations

The Flight Operations scale provides players with a system that allows a complete mission from take-off to landing to be played. The mission events are told from the mission players perspective, all engagements are random and the opposing player controls these forces. The formation may suffer navigation errors, be subjected to anti-aircraft attacks, aircraft may have mechanical breakdowns and the formation may encounter, engage or be bounced by enemy aircraft. The player must manage their available resources, aircraft, fuel and armament carefully to successfully complete the assigned mission.

As in the Tactical Scale game, the Flight Operations scale varies. In all modules each Flight Ops game turn is 10 minutes. However, events such as take off, form up and performing missions vary in duration. Each flight point covers 2.5 miles

The Flight Operations map shows the home base and way-points that lead to the enemy way-points. The distance between way-points varies for each mission. Additional World War I Flight Operations maps will be provided for bombing missions to England and maritime patrols.

Below are counters and map from Canvas Falcons.