WarBirds Duel of Eagles Flight Operations

Duel of Eagles - Blitzkrieg uses two generic flight ops maps, one for short and medium range missions and one for long range missions. Mission range will depend on the fuel carried by the player's aircraft. Fuel management becomes more critical with WWII.
The flight points (FPs) between hexes varies allowing a different mission range using one map.

Flight Ops Missions
Player will be tasked with the following missions;

Close Air Support: Attack reconnaissance, infantry or armor unit in battlefield area
Interdiction: Attack infantry, cavalry, reconnaissance, armor, convoy, supply depot, rail depot, airfield, heavy AA or artillery position in rear area.
Escort: Escort a flight of friendly aircraft to and from their target area.
Interception: Intercept an enemy raid.
Patrol: Fly a standing patrol, engage any enemy aircraft encountered.
Tactical Reconnissance: Fly to the mission area, locate and ID the enemy reconnaissance, infantry or armor unit.

The Battle of Britain module introduces a theater specific Operational Navigation map for Flight Operations. Tactical scenarios are tied to this map allowing players to continue the mission using the Flight Ops rules.