Blitzkrieg - Purchase

WarBirds Blitzkrieg v1.0 Components:
• 149 Page Rule Book covering air to air and air to ground combat
• 23 Page Air-to- Air Combat Charts and Tables Book
• 18 Page Air-to-Ground Combat Charts and Tables Book
• 9 Page Anti-Aircraft Combat Charts and Tables Book
• 16 Page Equipment Book
• Scenario Book with:
32 Tactical Historical Game Scenarios
7 Flight Operations Scenarios
• 47 Page Flight Operations Book with Rules, Tables and Maps
• 75 Aircraft Data Cards
• Modular Map System using Tabloid (11x17) and A3 papger maps:
12 European Maps
6 Sky Maps
6 Sea Maps
• Six counter pages using Letter (8.5x11) and A4 paper.
1,458 single sided counters.
• Vassal modules for on line play
• All material is ready for player or professional printing. Counters are press quality and require player mounting.

Price: $30.00

File size to be downloaded: 632 MB
Blitzkrieg v1.0 Material containing
1. WB-WWII Flight Ops Book v1.0
2. WB-WWII Aircraft Data Cards folder
3. WB-WWII Flight Charts and Tables Book v1.0
4. WB-WWII Air to Air Combat Charts and Tables Book v1.0
5. WB-WWII Air to Ground Comat Charts and Tables Book v1.0
6. WB-WWII AA Combat Book v1.0
7. WB-WWII Flight Ops v1.0 Vassal file
8. WB-WWII Vassal Module folder containing
• WWII Vassal Module
• WWII Vassal Map Extension
9. WB-WWII Rule Book v1.0
10. WB-WWII Scenarios folder
11. WB-WWII Maps folder
12. WB-WWII Counter Sheets folder

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EU Blitzkrieg differs only in countersheet and map paper sizes. It is EU friendly.

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