WarBirds - Canvas Falcons - Purchase

Due to the protracted production schedule at Clash of Arms the WarBirds game system will be available only as print and play material through this website.
Printed counters and maps may be available in the future if demand warrants.  

WarBirds Canvas Falcons v2.1 Components:
• 123 Page Rule Book covering air to air and air to ground
• 24 Page Tutorial game
• 30 Page Air to Air Charts and Tables Book
• 24 Page Air to Ground Tables Book
• Scenario Book with:
52 Tactical Historical Game Scenarios
5 Operational Scenarios
• 29 Page Flight Operations Book with Rules, Tables and Map
• 52 Aircraft Data Cards
• Modular Map System using A3 and Tabloid paper size maps:
Six European Ground sections
Eight Desert Ground sections
Six Sky sections
Six Sea sections
• Five counter pages (Letter and A4 size provided) with 539 single sided counters
• Vassal modules for on line play
• All material is ready for player or professional printing. Counters are press quality and require player mounting.

Price: $30.00

WB-WWI v2.1 Material containing
1. WB-WWI Flight Ops Book v2.1
2. WB-WWI Aircraft Data Cards folder
3. WB-WWI Flight Charts and Tables Book v2.1
4. WB-WWI Air to Air Charts and Tables Book v2.1
5. WB-WWI Air to Ground Charts and Tables Book v2.1
6. WB-WWI Tutorial v2.1
7. WB-WWI Flight Ops v2.1 Vassal file
8. WB-WWI Vassal Module folder
9. WB-WWI Canvas Falcons Rule Book v2.1
10. WB-WWI Scenarios folder
11. WB-WWI Maps folder
12. WB-WWI Counter Sheets folder

Some purchasers have not been taken to the files after using PayPay when purchasing with an I-Phone. Please send an e-mail to Steve@WarbirdsGS.com and a Drop Box will be setup for you to access the material.


After payment is accepted by PayPal you will be sent to a page containing the WarBirds - WWI Files. Download all the files.
If you have any problems with this link please report it to Steve@WarBirdsGS.com. A Drop Box link will be e-mailed to you as soon as the message is read.
Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

A German Law Compliant WWI Aircraft Data Card Book is available upon request. (Ltn. Voss's Alb. DIII markings have been revised.)