WarBirds - WWII

The World War II modules will see rapid advances in engine, airframe, weapons and radar. New rules will cover the impact on air combat from weapon harmonization, simple, reflector and gyroscopic gun sights, compressibility, effects of armor and much more.

The first volume of World War II module, Blitzkrieg, is available for purchase.
One addition to the game system for WWII is increases in aircraft performance which are addressed with additional columns in the Maximum Speed section of the data card. Military (MIL), War Emergency Power (WEP) and thrust augmentation systems such as water injection or nitrous oxide deliver varying horse power and thrust. Each throttle setting has a maximum speed determined by the thrust provided. For example, the Bf 109 E-3 has three maximum speeds, Military, 1 WEP and 5 WEP. The WEP has a one and five minute allowable time limit over-boost which provided additional power over the military rating of the engine. Fuel use increases with the use of WEP and pilots of aircraft with short legs will need to watch their use of fuel or getting home may be a problem when flying a flight operations mission. Aircraft specific overheating, trains, shell penetration and ground unit armor thickness are some of the areas covered.

WWII Module volumes will include:
Battle of Britain: Adds BoB and Norwegian Campaign scenarios, Naval rules, aircraft data cards, counters and maps.
Mediterranean Theater
East Front
Germany 1943 - 1945
Pacific 1936 - 1942
Pacific 1943 - 1945