WarBirds Game System Work in Progress

7 August 2015: Canvas Falcons v2.1 is now available. Features include revised data card format, additional rules, color rule book graphics and new modular maps. Version 2.1 is available to purchasers of any Canvas Falcons module through the WarBirds support group or contacting Steve@WarBirdsGS.com.

20 February 2017 WarBirds - Blitzkrieg module is available.

14 February 2018 WarBirds - Battle of Britain module is available.

Work in the hangar:
14 February 2018
• The Canvas Falcons rule set and supporting charts and tables are being updated to match the Duel of Eagles format. Improved munitions and shell armor penetration equations from Duel of Eagles are being used. Material will receive a new version number when completed.

• NACA airship performance report 397 and War Department Airship Aerodynamics TM 1-320 are being used to generate Zeppelin data cards. These references have proven very useful in creating a performance spread sheet.

• Building the Forgotten Wars rule set and material. No date for roll out at this time.

• Additional data cards will be released as time permits. Need to complete the Canvas Falcons update before issuing additional cards.