WarBirds Aircraft Data Cards

Back side of the Bristol F2b shows weapon stations, load capacity and flexible weapons field of fire.

7.14 Front View and Weapon Stations
The front view shows the location and number of the weapon stations.

7.15 Configuration Weight Limit
The three weight and drag values correspond to Clean, Loaded and Max-Load conditions. The aircraft is in the clean category if its weight of fuel and munitions is equal to or less than the first value. The aircraft is loaded if its weight of fuel and munitions is greater than the clean weight and less than or equal to the loaded weight. The aircraft is in the Max-Load condition if the weight of fuel and munitions is greater than loaded and equal to or less than the Max-Loaded value. If the aircraft is loaded with a weight greater than the Max-Load limit, it is not capable of flying.

7.16 Bomb Bay and Hard Point Capacity
The table shows the weapon station number, station weight limit, munitions section shows the number, weight and type of munition that may be carried on the station. The notes section lists information about the stations, if they are internal cockpit or bomb bay or hard point.
Refer to the Bristol F.2b ADC, back side. Station 1 is a hard points located on the fuselage. The station has a capacity of 240 lbs. and may carry 12 BB type munitions each weighing up to 20 lbs.
Station 2 is located in the observers cockpit and may carry a camera (C), wireless transmitter (WT) or grenades (Grn) for a total weight of 120 lbs.

7.17 Flexible Mount Weapon Arcs
This section shows the horizontal and vertical arc limits for flexible weapons. Each horizontal arc the weapon may engage targets is shaded gray. The allowable vertical arc or arcs are shown in the horizontal arc by a pair of numbers representing the lower and upper arc limit. Low arcs have a negative (-) sign, upper arcs have no sign. Horizontal arcs that have the same vertical arc as listed in the weapon line.
The flexible mount weapon arcs are shown with the counter facing a hex side and hex spine.