WarBirds Game System



20 February 2017 WarBirds - Blitzkrieg is available.
7 August 2015: Canvas Falcons v2.1 is now available. Features include revised data card format, additional rules, color rule book graphics and new modular maps. Version 2.1 is available to purchasers of v 2.0 through the WarBirdsGS Yahoo Group or contacting Steve@WarBirdsGS.com.

WarBirds is a very detailed board game system that recreates aerial combat engagements from 1914 to the present day. Each module covers an important era of development, World War I, World War II, Korea and the Modern era. Taken together, the full series will show how the aircraft has evolved as a weapons system.

Each module will use the same core movement and combat systems and share basic rules between the modules where appropriate. For example, the same rules are used to cover aircraft movement across all modules. Learn one set of rules and you will be able to play any module with the addition of era specific rules such as RADAR or turbine engines.

Each module uses the same basic rules, cart and table layout. The modules scale has been adjusted to fit aircraft performance of the era. For example, the World War I module has a scale of 100 feet per hex, 4.5 seconds per Tactical Game turn and each flight point is 15 mph. The Inter War Years module each hex is 200 feet, 4.5 seconds in time and each flight point is 30 mph. The World War II module each hex is 300 feet, 4.1 seconds in time and each flight point is 50 mph. The Korean module uses a scale of 500 feet per hex, 4.5 seconds and each flight point is 75 mph. The Modern rules use a scale of 800 feet per hex, 5.5 seconds per game turn and 100 mph per flight point.

The game may be played on two levels depending on the level of detail desired, Tactical Combat and Flight Operations. When using the tactical combat scale, a map board and counters that represent individual aircraft and ground units are used to play combat engagements. At the Flight Operations scale, the player is responsible for meeting mission requirements and leading his flight to and from the target area.

The WarBirds Game System shows the performance differences between aircraft and technological developments have in tactical combat. For example the World War I rules show the difference between a Fokker DVII with a 160 hp Mercedes engine and one powered by a 185 hp BMW engine. Weapon synchronization systems have an impact on the rate of fire and number of hits on the target. Aircraft have a safe G-Load rating, maneuver beyond this load and the aircraft may suffer structural damage or failure. Aircraft carry a limited amount of fuel and ammunition to complete the assigned mission. Aircrew are limited in the number of operations they may perform during the game turn by Task Points. How aircraft and aircrew limitations and technological advances influenced air combat engagements may be experienced while playing WarBirds.
Each aircraft data card reflects the performance analysis of an individual aircraft, each subtype or advanced model will have a dedicated data card.

A VASSAL module is available for each era at the Tactical and Flight Operations scale. The material includes press ready maps and player mounted counters for face to face play.

Purchasers of the game will be invited to join a Yahoo Group where game system news, additional material, updates and opponents will be available.Play testing of new modules is on going, please contact Steve@WarBirdsGS.com if you are interested in participating.